Outdoors at UVa Committee Members

Outdoors at UVa has created two committees: a service committee and a public relations committee to give back to nature and to increase visibility of our club. If you have questions related to either of these, you can reach the committee members at . Further contact information is available here.

Service Committee Members

El Capitan
Matt Harrington
Captain / Head Honcho
I was born and raised just outside Richmond, and it was there that I learned the love of the wild. I'm a huge fan of anything that gets me out and into touching the natural world. My favorite outdoor sports are hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing (probably in that order). For the Outdoors Club, I do service so that I can give back to the outdoors community that has been so generous to me in the past years. My motto is: "ever onwards to the next adventure".

Green Ink
John Franklin
Green House Press Secretary
Inner tubes are fun. More fun that writing blurbs.

Outdoor Drummer
Kit Guncheon
Dirt Root Shredder / Grass Roots Activist
Panning for gold is too mainstream. I'm panning for blurbs.

Outdoor Drummer
Jessica Villarreal
Arboreal Analyst / Secretary of Commerce
I'm pretty sure the blurbs won't find me here.

Hunt Organizer
Adrian Blust
Consultant / Tactical Advisor
I put my blurb right here! Now it's gone! Curse you ocean!

Public Relations Committee Members

Green Ink
Jeremy Kemp
PR Chair
Though I was born in Oregon, my home has always been the great flat state -- Florida. Between fishing, watersports, exploring mangrove tunnels, and doing some experimental kayak surfing I always managed to keep my thirst for Mother Nature at bay until the real treats came in the summers. My dad (a former trip leader for the Sierra Club) almost always insisted that we find a couple weeks to escape the heat each summer by going to the mountains. After my first time in the Sierras, I was hooked. Now that I finally live in a state where the elevation goes above 345 feet, you can find me hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and finding swimming holes in which I can plunge. My favorite piece of wilderness is the Wind River Range in Wyoming.... if you ever find yourself in that area do yourself a favor and check it out. Now that I'm an Officer with Outdoors at UVA I can only hope to infect more unsuspecting souls with my same passion for everything outdoors.

Green Ink
David Birkenthal
PR Committee Member / Tree Enthusiast
Back in Baltimore, for most of the great hikes, I would need to drive all the way out to the Appalachian Trail. But here in Charlottesville, we are all surrounded by great hiking trails. I am on the PR Committee for the Outdoors Club because I want to make sure as many people as possible take advantage of all the opportunity surrounding UVA. So, tell everyone you know about the best club on grounds! Also, as you can see, I climb way too many trees.

Green Ink
Hunter Johnson
PR Committee Member / GoPro Maniac
I've spent all of my life growing up in the Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains nearby Roanoke, Virginia. From an early age I've been drawn by the serene beauty of the outdoors. I couldn't imagine living away from the mountains. My free spirit compels me to travel as much as possible and makes me up for any kind of adventure. I dream of conquering the longest trails in the U.S. such as the CDT, AT, and PCT. My main passions are long distance running, hiking, camping, and backpacking. Recently though, I have become addicted to whitewater (both rafting and kayaking) and am starting to climb. I desire to spread my love of the outdoors and nature to those around me. Chances are you'll never find me without a camera, my chief weapon of choice for inspiring others. I'm so stoked to be apart of this crew and look forward to spreading the Love of the Great Outdoors!

Past Service Committee Members
  • Andrews Inglis (2013-2014)
Past PR Committee Members
  • Hannah Kessenich (2013-2014)