Join the Club

How to Join the Club

There are now two ways to join the club!

  1. The old way, which requires manual activation
  2. The new way!! Which activates you automatically!
    • Give it a shot here.

Each step must be done (once). If you use the same email address for each step, your membership will be easier to process (and you will be activated quickly).

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Pay Membership dues
    • Instructions available on the next page, but are also available here.
  3. Sign Waiver
    • PREFERRED METHOD: You can sign your waiver electronically here! (Please use the same email you used for creating your member account for the waiver)
    • We have a blank version of our waiver that you may print, fill out, sign, and turn into our mailbox, or at a gear room/info session. (NOT preferred - wastes paper!)

When to expect activation

Because officers must confirm that you have paid membership dues and signed the waiver before you can be activated, activation is not instantaneous. Electronic payment and waiver signatures with the same email address (for all three steps) tend to be activated within 72 hours; however, within the first couple weeks of a semester, the activation time can be longer due to the "activation rush". Be aware that if your payment does not match your membership, or something is missing, then your activation may take longer. You should see an email from us within 72 hours if you need to correct your payment.

Name and Account Login Information

If you are already a member, or have been a member in the past, you probably do not need to join the club. Instead, you just need to renew your membership. To renew your membership, log in and follow the instructions. If you are having trouble, please contact the officers and we will help you as soon as possible.

First Name
Last Name
Are you a student at UVa?
Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
Email Address (your email address is your login name)
Confirm Email Address
Passwords are not encrypted. Do NOT use a password that you use elsewhere, such as the password to your email account. Create a NEW password.
Create a Club Password
Enter your password again for confirmation
Contact Information
Zip Code
Phone Number (you can enter more numbers later) ( ) -
Instant Messenger/Chat (optional; you can enter more identities later)
Choose a Membership Plan
Membership Plan Begin/Expire Dates Cost
Activation to 5 months later $30.00
Activation to 12 months later $50.00